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About Test RX

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Activate your body's natural hardcore anabolic effects of pure testosterone increase (up to 85% combined ingredients) with Test RX for massive muscle gains and weight loss!

Reverse the aging process and pack on muscle, lose fat, reduce wrinkles, look younger and the list goes on! Key compounds include ZMA, Gaba, Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine HCL, Fenugreek seed extract, K2, Zinc and D-Aspartic acid (575 MG) including Magnesium for excellent oxygenation of the muscles to naturally support anabolic hormone production in your body!

Send your testosterone, growth hormone (HGH) and IGF levels through the roof! Studies have shown that your body's elevated testosterone levels improve muscular and strength gains for improved energy, mobility and a healthy lifestyle - boost your sex drive sky high too and enjoy hardcore sex just like a teenager!