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About VigRX Delay Spray

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HELPS GUYS LAST LONGER! This is a new and very unique male enhancement spray that men are turning to for instant on-demand sexual longevity and greater satisfaction during sex!

Some men use drugs like cocaine and dip their penises into coke flaps before ramming it right into that pussy!

Why do guys do this?

The answer is simple: to make orgasms last longer and feel incredibly better during cum explosions!

Yes, buy VigRX Delay Spray and never worry about finishing too fast with your lovers.

This super hard-to-get Benzocaine formula outperforms all old-school Lidocaine male desensitizer creams and sprays.

The difference is quite clear: when men cum during sex, the contractions of the orgasm (and there are many) usually fire out cumshots really quick.

Now, men can spray VigRX all over their penis, wait 10 minutes, wipe it off and dig into their mates, lasting longer and enjoying better feeling slow motion orgasms like never before!

Don't take our word for it - just try it! You get a 67 day risk-free trial and a full money-back guarantee (less shipping and handling) if you're not happy but typically this is not the case as all guys continue to use VigRX Delay Spray because it works wonders for all involved and on all areas it touches at the time!